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‘Do it for Mom’ campaign wants Danes to have even more sex

Denmark has a problem: At some (still quite distant) point in the future, its population will disappear because people aren't having enough babies.

Now, the Danish travel company Spies says it might have found a solution. Its campaign "Do it for Mom" encourages wannabe grandmothers and grandfathers to "sponsor" trips abroad for their adult children. Studies have shown that Danes have much more sex when they are on vacation.

"Send your child on an active holiday and get a grandchild within nine months," the company says on its Web site.

"The Danish welfare system is under pressure. There are still not enough babies being born, despite a little progress. And this concerns us all," a video for the campaign states. Denmark has one of the world's most generous welfare systems, and it will need more young workers to help pay for it.

Talking to the Bloomberg news agency last year, Bjarne Christensen, the head of the Danish association Sex and Society said: "We see a lot of people who don’t succeed in having children." According to Christensen, the problem had reached "epidemic" levels.

Slowly, the Danish perception regarding the issue seems to be changing: Rather than only discussing the potential hazards of sex, young Danes are also beginning to learn about its benefits in school programs.

"Those who suffer the most are perhaps the mothers who will never experience having a grandchild," the voice-over in the Spies advertisement video explains, while viewers listen to dramatic music and watch a sad Danish grandmother sitting on a bench.

"When it comes to making grandchildren, it might be a bit awkward to help out," the company acknowledges in the video, before the mood suddenly changes. "But don't despair. We may have found the solution... People have more sex on a sunny vacation."

According to Spies, sunny vacations lead to more babies than trips to colder regions. That advice, however, is probably not of altruistic nature: Denmark is in northern Europe. Purchasing a trip to the south of the continent simply costs much more than traveling to closer nations like Sweden or Norway.

The Danish campaign appears to be a continuation of a previous project. Last year, the same company released a video ad with the slogan "Do it for Denmark" and offered so-called "ovulation discounts" to Danish couples willing to go on vacations. In the video, the company emphasized that 10 percent of all Danes were conceived abroad.

“Can sex save Denmark's future? 46 percent of Danes have more sex on holiday," a voice-over explained in an attempt to portray vacation as an act of patriotism.

Danes who successfully conceived a child while on a vacation organized by the company were offered a chance to win three years of free diapers and another, free trip abroad, as WorldViews reported back then.