In the wake of Donald Trump's shock election victory, myriad liberals have voiced the idea of, at least temporarily, moving to Canada or a country whose government would be more hospitable to their progressive politics. Emigrating there is actually a trickier proposition than it may seem to some Americans. Nevertheless, here's a quiz to test your knowledge of what you know about the U.S.'s next-door neighbor and some Americans' would-be sanctuary.


CANADA-ELECTION/; Ben Nelms, Ben Nelms

Who is this man?

Canadian Chancellor Justin Trudeau

Canadian President Justin Trudeau
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Canadian Commissioner Justin Trudeau


Who is holding the Canadian flag?

This person.

This person.

This person.

This person.


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Canada is big. It encompasses 10 provinces, three territories and how many time zones?



In which direction will you NOT find Canada?

West of Buffalo
South of Detroit
North of Juneau
East of Nantucket


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How many people, roughly, live in Canada?

A quarter the population of the U.S.
Around half of the population of Britain.
The population of France.
A fifth of the population of Mexico.


When does Canada mark its de facto independence from Britain?

July 4, 1776
July 6, 1904
July 1, 1867
That's a trick question. Canada isn't really free.


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So what role does Queen Elizabeth II play in Canada?

Archmage of Ontario.
The governor-general of Canada.
The constitutional monarch of Canada, a symbolic figure.
The constitutional monarch of Canada, with real executive powers.


Shaun Best

Montreal is...

...the capital of the province of Quebec.
...the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris.
...the home of the NHL's Canucks.
...the site of an old Viking settlement.


What is the Canadian term for the country's indigenous populations?

Native Americans
The Children of the Forest
The First Nations


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True or false: The proportion of people in Canada who are foreign-born is higher than that in the United States.



Lee Celano

What do most historians consider the main narrative of the War of 1812?

The British invading Washington, D.C. and burning down the White House.
The failed American invasion of what's now Canada.
The threat of Napoleonic takeover of the Americas.
The prospect of New England seceding from the Union.


Which of these items was invented in Canada?

The baseball glove.
The cotton gin.
The Winchester rifle.
The lightbulb.


Ben Nelms

Who is Tim Horton?

A 19th century lumberjack who inspired a popular coffee and doughnuts chain.
A former soldier who started a popular coffee and doughnuts chain.
A former hockey player who started a popular coffee and doughnuts chain.
A made-up name for a popular coffee and doughnuts chain.


Canada has universal healthcare. According to OECD data, how does its total healthcare expenditure (private and public) per capita compare to the U.S.?

Double what the U.S. spends.
Half of what the U.S. spends.
Triple what the U.S. spends.
Third of what the U.S. spends.


What political party did former Prime Minister Stephen Harper belong to?

Bloc Quebecois
Calgary Flames


When Canadians vote in national elections, what are they specifically voting for?

One of three candidates to be president.
One of a slate of candidates competing to be prime minister.
A political party that gets allotted seats in parliament.
A local politician, representing a political party, who is running for a seat in parliament.


In Canada's electoral system, what is the term for the equivalent of a congressional district?

A district.
A lodge.
A riding.
A farthing.


In the build-up to Canada's election in 2015, what has NOT been a source of controversy?

The niqab, a type of veil worn by Muslim women.
The prospect of drug and prostitution legalization.
An incident where a Tory politician urinated in his constituent's cup.
An incident where a Liberal politician streaked naked through Toronto's streets.


Who here was NOT born in Canada?

Yves Herman

Ryan Gosling

GOP 2016 Cruz; Charlie Neibergall, Stf

Ted Cruz

Theater-Michael Cera; Chris Pizzello

Michael Cera

FRANCE TELEVISION MIPTV 2015; Olivier Anrigo, Olivier Anrigo, Str

Idris Elba

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--; Carolyn Cole

Seth Rogen

2015 TIFF - "Spotlight" - Premiere; Richard Shotwell, Invl

Rachel McAdams

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