On Monday night, Canada's Liberal Party, led by the charismatic Justin Trudeau, swept into power. Their dramatic victory in the country's federal elections ended the near-decade-long reign of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party.

Trudeau's opponents had repeatedly deemed the 43-year-old son of late Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau as an inexperienced "lightweight" trading on his family name. He was mocked for his hair, his goofy theatrics, his occasional use of marijuana. Trudeau was "just not ready," blared Conservative attack ads.

But, for now, Trudeau has the last laugh, and social media is laughing with him.

With the Toronto Blue Jays in the playoffs, the baseball memes were quick to follow.

Cartoonists also obliged, poking fun at the conservatives Trudeau trounced.

Trudeau was the subject of memes well before his election victory. Some reveled in his youthful facial scruff, others marveled at his rather odd party trick of balancing babies with one hand.

And then at least one person decided to use their photo-shop skills.

On election night, though, it appeared Trudeau had the Internet all figured out. Around the time it became clear his Liberals had won a majority in parliament, Americans Twitter was agog with chat about a new trailer for the forthcoming Star Wars film. Lo and behold, viral synergy: