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Watch: The Kremlin’s fantasy of an Edward Snowden presidency

RT, the Russian state-funded English news network, marked its tenth anniversary this month with a new promotional video. It imagines a world 20 years from now where a doddering President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, impersonated by actors, putter about in their retirement.

In the background in Obama's kitchen, RT blares away on Obama's television, showing a news conference where exiled whistleblower Edward Snowden is now the U.S. president and heralds a new era in transparency.

"Damn propaganda bullhorn," says Kerry, a reference to an actual remark he made about RT last year. Obama echoes his colleague's opinion.

Slate's Joshua Keating raises some key questions about RT's new promotional stunt:

"Why does Obama have RT on in his house if he hates it so much? Is RT the only TV network allowed on the air under the Snowden administration?" he asks. "This is a little more sinister than the creators probably intended."

And he offers this amusing suggestion: "A better punchline would have been showing Larry King, who now hosts a show called PoliticKing on RT America, still on TV in 2035 looking exactly the same."