DUBAI – A fire broke out at the Address Hotel in downtown Dubai on Thursday just hours before a planned New Year's Eve fireworks display nearby.

The fire erupted as people gathered for the celebration at the Address complex, which includes the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. The hotel, which includes luxury residences, is located near the skyscraper, the centerpiece for an extravagant fireworks display designed to ring in the new year.

The city's media office announced on Twitter that at least 14 people were slightly injured, one was moderately injured and one person suffered a heart attack. Despite the situation at the Address Hotel, the nearby New Year's Eve celebration went ahead as planned.

A number of guests told The Washington Post that the evacuation was well organized. "I was on the 45th floor, the fire was on the opposite side. However, our room was full of smoke," said one 47-year-old tourist who did not want to be named, adding that the "evacuation was extremely professional" and carried out by hotel security staff.

About an hour before the planned midnight fireworks, Dubai's media office said that about 90 percent of the blaze was under control and that the New Year's Eve celebrations would go ahead.

The Address, capped by an iconic fin design, is part of the complex anchored by the Burj Khalifa and including palm-lined walkways, lagoons, a huge mall and a “dancing fountain” programmed to send huge jets of water choreographed to music.

It is not clear what caused the fire, which Dubai's media office said started on the 20th floor. Photos and videos from the scene are being widely shared on social media.

AlFadl Miranda reported from Dubai and Taylor from Washington. Brian Murphy contributed to this post.

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