So this happened. While addressing reporters, Steven Joyce, a leading New Zealand politician, was hit in the face by a flying sex toy. The pink rubber phallus bounced off and appeared to cause Joyce, the country's economic development minister, no harm.

According to the BBC, the dildo was thrown by a woman who was protesting the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, the U.S.-led initiative that the Kiwi government had ratified 0nly a few days before.

"That's for raping our sovereignty," the protester, identified as Josie Butler, is reported to have shouted.

Joyce was standing in for Prime Minister John Key in Waitangi, a place in the country's north that is loaded with symbolism. It's where in 1840 a treaty was signed between a group of Maori chiefs and the British that is now considered the founding document of the nation. Feb. 6 marks Waitangi Day in New Zealand.

Key avoided coming to Waitangi because of the heated political atmosphere surrounding the trade pact, which has faced vocal opposition in New Zealand. His stand-in had to bear the brunt of this particular protest. In the past, activists at Waitangi have hurled a shirt at the British queen and mud at a prominent party leader.

Joyce showed good humor after the incident, and seemed to already be aware of its viral potential:

A journalist at the Daily Beast duly offered up this:

Butler, according to local media reports, and the offending dildo were removed from the scene by police. She was later released without charge.