LONDON -- The campaign over an upcoming referendum on British membership in the European Union has begun in earnest, and supporters in both the “leave” and “stay” camps are keen to get their message out.

But perhaps these “leave” supporters win the award for most cringe-worthy contribution to date.

When watching this video, one keeps waiting for the part where it’s revealed it’s really a spoof, released by those campaigning to “stay.”

That moment never comes.

The reactions on YouTube weren’t kind: “I would be surprised if we weren't kicked out of Europe after this,” wrote one user in the comments section under the video. 

The video is the brainchild of Mandy Boylett (the one on the right, in the blonde wig), who in the last general election stood for the U.K. Independence Party, which wants Britain to leave the E.U. In the video, Boylett and her friend are wearing Union Jack-sequin tops and singing a song they call “Britain’s Coming Home.”

Lyrics include lines like:

They want prisoners to vote

They've taken all our fish and money through the years

There’s endless regulations, red tape

It seems there’s no escape

The song is a riff on “Three Lions,” a song popular with England soccer fans and co-written by David Baddiel and Frank Skinner. 

Baddiel tweeted that he didn’t give his permission to use the song, but “it's so brilliantly naff, we might've anyway.”

In a column for the Guardian, he wrote: “It’s not often in life you come across something not so bad it’s good, but so bad it’s absolutely fantastic. It made me and Frank laugh like drains.”

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