If you don't speak French, you might wonder what dour subject Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann is talking about in the speech above. Budget cuts? Security measures? The death of a beloved national treasure?

No, not quite. Schneider-Ammann is talking about laughter.

Schneider-Ammann's speech was televised Sunday by Swiss broadcaster RTS. The Swiss leader was there to talk about Tag der Kranken, an annual day dedicated to those in ill-health, for which the theme this year was laughter.

However, the president's grim expression during the speech struck many as unexpectedly hilarious in and of itself.

Television channel Canal+ said that the Swiss president was "about as funny as a funeral director." Magali Philip, a journalist with Radio Télévision Suisse, wrote on Twitter that future generations will find it impossible to say how this type of speech could have helped him get elected. "The president seems depressed," the French-language edition of the Huffington Post observed.

Of course, there was something a little ironic about the situation. While Schneider-Ammann's stone-faced delivery may seem the furthest thing possible from humorous, it still provoked laughter.

And as Schneider-Ammann himself put it, "laughing is good for health."

“Mission accomplished: you certainly feel better after listening to this,” Belgian broadcaster RTBF wrote back.

James McAuley contributed to this post

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