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Here’s the giant, hi-res photograph of Kim Jong Un you never asked for

This image of Kim Jong Un shows no signs of having been retouched. (Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP)

If you've been waiting for an enormous, hi-resolution photograph of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, there's good news: Your wait is over.

The image above showing Kim in all his glory was released by North Korea's official Korea Central News Agency on Wednesday, along with 27 other portraits of high level North Korean officials.

Kim's photograph is noteworthy, and not just because he is the only one who doesn't look under duress. As the Associated Press reports, it's pretty unusual to see a photograph of Kim that has clearly not been digitally altered.

North Korean state media is believed to have frequently altered images to make them appear to have technology they do not have. The practice also extends to images showing Kim, the supreme leader of the isolated country who is treated with a godlike reverence. Sometimes, exactly why the image was retouched can be hard to fathom for outsiders.

(Somewhat ironically, North Korea's love of Photoshop is reciprocated by Photoshoppers' love of North Korea. Kim has become a regular guest in PhotoshopBattles, a subreddit devoted to digitally altering images in humorous ways. For some fun, take a look here, here, here and here.)

Speaking to the Associated Press, some experts wondered whether the lack of editing was an intentional message. Chang Yong Seok, a North Korea expert at Seoul National University, suggested it was to make North Korea seem like a "normal country" that isn't so different from its peers.

This wasn't the only surprise contained in the mugshots, however. Ri Yong Gil, chief of the Korean People’s Army [KPA] general staff, was rumored to have been executed for corruption in February, but he's also featured quite clearly among the new headshots. According to other reports in the North Korean press, he isn't just alive but thriving. He apparently has three new titles: Member of the party’s Central Committee, alternate member of the committee’s powerful Political Bureau, and member of the party’s Central Military Commission.

You can see the other, non-Kim headshots below (Ri is the last photo).

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