Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and family at Trooping the Color parade at Buckingham Palace on June 11. (Tim Ireland/AP)

Thanks to one person who managed to catch it on film, people are able to enjoy a hilarious moment featuring Britain's royal family.

While making an appearance at last week's Trooping the Color parade, the Queen was caught "scolding" Prince William on the Buckingham Palace balcony. In the clip below, William is seen sitting down and tending to his son, Prince George. The 90-year-old monarch then nudged William's shoulder, indicating that he should stand. The 33-year-old Duke of Cambridge quickly turned and obliged.

The footage reveals a rare and authentic moment between members of the royal family, but also serves as a reminder of who is in charge. The clip has since taken the Internet by storm. Social media users across the world have tweeted pictures and shared the GIFs widely.

Here's what some social media users around the world have said:

But this it isn't the first time the Queen has been eavesdropped on. Back in May, the Queen was caught saying that Chinese officials who visited Britain last October were "very rude," countering Buckingham Palace's reports that the Chinese visit had been "extremely successful."

"They were very rude to the ambassador … extraordinary," she reportedly said.

And this came after David Cameron was heard describing Nigeria and Afghanistan as "fantastically corrupt" in a conversation with the Queen.

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