LONDON — Readers woke up on Thursday to what could become a defining day in European Union history. Judging by the front pages of European newspapers, it certainly is a day that will be remembered.


Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders tweeted the front page of British pro-Britain's exit (or Brexit) newspaper the Sun on Thursday, which compared the referendum to "Independence Day."

"Britain, today you can make history," Wilders wrote.

The leftist Guardian newspaper reminded its readers on Thursday of Britain's proximity to continental Europe — featuring a satellite photo taken at night.


German newspapers in particular featured strong pro-E.U. messages:

"The most important ballot in the world," Germany's Bild newspaper commented.

Conservative, Berlin-based newspaper Die Welt proclaimed: "We love you."


On the opposite side of the channel, French companies paid for an advertisement to keep Britain in the European Union: "Please remain, British friends!"

Denmark and the Netherlands

It's a message that was reflected throughout Europe, including in Denmark's Berlingske newspaper. Denmark fears that it will lose one of its biggest allies in the European Union in case of a Brexit.

Similar fears have emerged in the Netherlands, where the far-right has capitalized on Brexit to demand a similar referendum.

"Don't leave me this way," Algemeen Dagblad urged the British.

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