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‘War is futile’: The tragic last Facebook post of an Istanbul terror victim

Relatives of flight officer Gulsen Bahadir, a victim of the attack on Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, mourn at her Turkish-flag-draped coffin during her funeral ceremony in Istanbul on June 29. (Defne Karadeniz/Getty Images)

The death toll from Tuesday's terror attack on Istanbul's main airport now stands at 43, with dozens more still receiving treatment in hospitals. Turkish officials have pinned the coordinated strike, which involved three suicide bombers, on the Islamic State and claim that the assailants were foreigners. Authorities also began raids on suspected jihadist cells in the country and arrested 22 people accused of links to the extremist organization.

Turkey's cat-and-mouse game with the Islamic State

That's little comfort to the victims and their families, though. The dead include passengers, taxi drivers and airport staff. They include Turkish nationals and 19 foreigners. Among the many moving stories and details to emerge about those slain is the last Facebook post put up by Gulsen Bahadir, a 20-something Turkish airlines staffer who was shot dead inside the terminal.

A week prior to the attack, she had posted a lengthy pacifist message on her Facebook page, which was likely addressing the myriad conflicts that the Turkish state is engaged in. Here's an excerpt translated by the BBC:

I have never got into a war in my life, never. Not because I'm weak but because I chose so. My choice was resisting. Because I know that war is futile. There would be no winners in any war, only losers. I'm resisting against the injustices of the state. I'm only asking for the deserved welfare of the people. I resist against evil.

The Facebook post has been shared more than 1,000 times.

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