The Brexit result continues to shake the world. We asked our social media followers on Facebook to share their hopes and fears as Britain prepares to leave the European Union. Here's what they said:

On hope

"I hope that what led to the U.K. leaving is fixed." — Jonathan Richie

"[I hope] Britain and the E.U. finds a way for the Brexit to work for both parties." — Anibal McKinney

"I hope that both the E.U. and Britain will cool down and start to run on brain power instead of emotions. Whatever the final outcome we will still need each other. I fear it will come to a situation that will create even bigger problems for Europe in the future." — Lars Kamerlin

"I hope for Britain's freedom and strength. She will endure as she has for centuries without socialist E.U. dictates. I fear not for England." — Rosemarie Bacchetta-Scope

"I hope after the decision we can economically grow, and continue to strive as a great nation." — Simon Duckers

"I hope the U.K. stays together." — Brian Schwab

"I hope that Scotland doesn't vote for independence, given another referendum." — Lindsey Anne

"I hope they change their minds and take a more practiced approach instead of this sweeping radical revolutionary leap." — Tom Drouin 

"I hope the E.U. proceeds with a detailed and constructive reform of its institutions, making it more effective and beneficial for all." — Mario Zrnic

"[I hope] Brexit never happens and the world sees sense." — Mark Hardy

On fear

"[I fear] that it will happen and the U.K. will fall apart. I fear our country will become an international case study for what not to do in politics and the ramifications will last for years." — Mark Hardy

"[I fear] backlash against immigrants and ethnic minorities and a global economic slowdown." — Anibal McKinney

"I fear in the last 5 days racial crime has risen 57% and it will continue to get worse. Along with economy problems and everything else." — Simon Duckers

"I'm worried for the immigrants in England ... that they are going to be abused now that racists have been emboldened by the Brexit vote. Keep it together, U.K.!" — Lindsey Anne

"I fear that this increases the chance of conflict." — Jonathan Richie

"I fear that the U.K. will become insular and worsen their relationship with their European partners." — Bruce Thomson

"I fear [the U.K. won't stay together] and the rest of the E.U. will spend years retaliating toward England — furthering people's fear and anger even more." — Brian Schwab

"I fear they will be weaker on NATO." — Nodewell Mabhokati Ngobeni

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