Prince Harry underwent an HIV test live to show how easy it is to get tested. The test and results were broadcasted on the Royal Family's Facebook page. (AP)

It took less than five minutes to find out whether Prince Harry may have HIV.

The Royal Family broadcast his HIV test on Facebook live from London's Burrell Street Sexual Health Clinic on Thursday.

Prince Harry previously launched an HIV-awareness campaign called "Feel No Shame," and last month, the Kensington Palace announced that battling HIV/AIDS will be an area of intense focus of the British Royals' charity work. That continues the legacy of his late mother, Princess Diana, who helped break down the stigma around HIV as she publicly visited and supported hospitals and embraced AIDS patients.

On Thursday, as he sat in a room with adviser and counselor Robert Palmer, the 31-year-old prince said it was "completely normal" that "being the person I am and the people I end up being around, and I'm still nervous — which is interesting."

Palmer, who conducted the test, responded: "It's not surprising because you're doing a test and you're going to find out something about yourself."

The process of the test — which involved a simple finger prick, drawing a little blood and mixing it with solution — yielded results within minutes. This particular type of test is considered indicative, meaning a reactive result would require additional blood testing to confirm a person has HIV.

Prince Harry is shown the negative result of his HIV test taken by specialist psychotherapist Robert Palmer during a visit to Burrell Street Sexual Health Clinic on July 14 in London. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Prince Harry's test was non-reactive, or negative.

"Even for people who aren't at risk, if we're trying to destigmatize the testing, my understanding is we all shouldn't be on this side of the river pointing to this population, 'you should get tested,' " Prince Harry told Palmer. "To normalize the situation, surely it's better for everyone to get tested."

Princess Diana leaving the Mortimer Market Center, a London clinic for HIV/AIDS patients, on June 27, 1996. (Simon Kreitem/Reuters) Princess Diana leaves the Mortimer Market Center, a London clinic for HIV/AIDS patients, in 1996. (Simon Kreitem/Reuters)

After the prince  broadcast his live HIV test, Elton John — a friend of the late Princess Diana — commended him  in an Instagram post, writing that the prince was carrying on the work of his late mother.

"In 1991, Princess Diana moved a mountain by addressing the stigma surrounding people living with HIV/AIDS. She showed the world we could safely wrap our arms around AIDS patients, by shaking hands with a patient without gloves," Elton John posted. "We've made huge strides since then in the treatment of the disease. People now live long, happy lives with HIV, when the virus is effectively managed with anti-retrovirals. Despite this amazing progress, most people today are still frightened and stigmatized at the notion of taking an HIV test.”

Elton John continued: "Today in London, Prince Harry gave that stigma a knock on the head by showing the world how easy and simple it is to take an HIV test. Bravo Prince Harry! Your mother would be so proud of you."