Until recently, he was Sir Maurice Joseph Micklewhite.

No longer.

To beat airport security lines, famous British actor Michael Caine has changed his name to Michael Caine, the stage name he picked up in 1954, he told the Sun.

“I changed my name when all the stuff started with ISIS and all that," he said. “An airport security guard would say, ‘Hi, Michael Caine,’ and suddenly I’d give him a passport with a different name on it. I could stand there for an hour.”

Michael Caine is 83. Michael Caine should not be standing in airport security lines for an hour.

Now, he's Sir Michael Caine.

Caine, then Mickelwhite, began acting as a young man under the name "Michael Scott," but when he was cast for a 1953 play in London, another actor in the city used the same pseudonym, he told Yahoo! Movies.

During a harried phone call to his agent, he spotted a poster for "The Caine Mutiny" and chose the name Caine.

After terror attacks in France and Belgium, European authorities have ratcheted up security measures at transit locations and public accommodations.

France, after a Bastille Day attack in Nice, extended its state of emergency an additional three months. Germany, Italy and Spain announced that they would impose harsher border controls along their shared borders with France after the attack.

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