Photos emerged  Wednesday of Syrian children in a neighborhood in Aleppo splashing in a makeshift pool amid the rubble of their home. A note from the Aleppo Media Center, an activist collective that operates in rebel-held parts of the war-torn city, says the pool sits in an area hollowed out by a missile strike.

In one frame, a child is even performing a full-bodied dive into the murky water.

The AMC's tweet reads: "Whatever Assad has done in Aleppo, life isn't over -- its children make a new life in every site destroyed by his rockets. Sheikh Saeed District #AleppoAMC."

The regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has for years now been pounding the eastern, rebel-held pockets of Aleppo with missiles, artillery fire and crude barrel bombs. They have been backed also by the sorties of Russian jets. The AMC documented the recent image of a shell-shocked toddler in Aleppo, pulled out of the debris after a regime or Russian strike hit his family home. Omran, the center of global attention, survived, but his older brother would later die of his wounds.

Hundreds of thousands have fled what was once Syria's most populous city. For those who remain, particularly in besieged rebel areas, life is far from normal. But, as the pictures above show, it goes on.

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