JERUSALEM — Although controversial, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address last year to a joint session of Congress on the issue of the Iran deal was forceful, and at least some U.S. politicians and supporters greeted it with thunderous applause.

Now, as the United States is in the throes of one of its most interesting presidential races, one Israeli journalist took to New York’s Central Park to ask Americans whether they would consider the Israeli leader for their own president.

Asaf Liberman, a popular radio host on Israel’s military radio station, released a video this week on social media asking Americans whether they would support Netanyahu for president if, for some reason, the current crop of candidates happened to withdraw.

“Shalom from New York,” Liberman said in Hebrew as he clutched an iPad with an image of Netanyahu. “Hillary Clinton’s health is still bothering Americans, so the question arises what would happen if she has to pull out? We went to Central Park in New York to offer Americans our own candidate. He has excellent English, he was raised here in America and he believes he is very popular …”

“He’s a remarkable politician and a great statesman and very intelligent man and that is why he could be better president than anyone,” one respondent said after finally guessing that Liberman is talking about Netanyahu.

But, not everyone Liberman speaks to is enthused with the idea:

“I can’t see him as president here. He is great for Israel, he should stay there,” one man said.

Another said: “You just want to get rid of him and get him over here so you are rid of him, right?”

Watch people’s reactions here:

Israeli journalist asks people in Central Park if Netanyahu could be U.S. president (TWP)

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