BANGKOK — The death of Thailand's revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world’s longest-serving monarch, marks a period of uncertainty for the country. For many in Thailand, Bhumibol was viewed as a near-deity and was the only king they had ever known.

Mourners on Friday gathered on the streets to catch a last glimpse of the king. They sat quietly, clutching photos of him and waiting patiently for the funeral motorcade to pass. Supalag Sangmart, a 37-year-old teacher, wept as the coffin passed by.

“I feel a deep sense of loss,” Sangmart said. “He is the father of the land.”

Here is how Thais said farewell to the king:

“I keep it as a principle of my life,” said Suprajit Rattanwong, who said she was inspired to become a teacher after hearing one of the king's speeches. “My heart is breaking.”

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