They stand side by side with wide eyes and pale faces. Huddled together, wearing woolen hats and scarves to keep warm, the orphans of Aleppo record a heartbreaking plea for help.

“Today might be the last time you see me and hear my voice. This is my message for human rights and childrens’ rights, please help us get out of Aleppo," begs 10-year-old Yasmeen Farmouz.

In the video, she recalls how her parents were killed by airstrikes in Syria. Describing the other 47 children in the orphanage as her brothers and sisters, the young girl goes on to explain what life is like for the children of Aleppo.

"We have not been able to leave because of the airstrikes, and we are scared of the continuous shelling," she explains. "All we want is to live like any other child in this world.”

The video was posted by Aleppo-based Halab Today TV on Dec. 14 and quickly began to circulate on social media. The war in Syria is estimated to have claimed at least 400,000 lives.

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