Tonight, at midnight, people around the world will celebrate the dawn of the lunar new year, saying farewell to the year of the monkey and hello to the year of the rooster.

In China, the fireworks will cap weeks of hectic travel as hundreds of millions make their way home for the biggest holiday of the year, the spring festival. On Jan. 26, we visited Beijing Railway Station to ask travelers about their plans.

The people we met are, in some ways, a cross-section of China. They hailed from all corners of the country. They were all migrants, people who came to the city to try their luck — the nurses, cooks, cleaners and entrepreneurs that make Beijing work.

Having spent months, or even years, away from their families, they were eager to get home to see parents, partners and kids. Their plans for the holiday were simple: home cooking, familiar faces, rest.

Curious what they were thinking, we asked them about their hopes for 2017. Here is what they said.