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A satirical video from Namibia to Trump: Let us be first, too

From Namibia comes a video designed to introduce the country to the new Trump administration.

The 3 ½-minute video details all the things to love about the southwest African nation, including its culture, its mixture of tribes, a fairly large wall built around the Namibian State House, the food and a “great tower” shaped like a coffee machine that the country “let the North Koreans” build.

At the end of the video, a President Trump sound-alike narrator implores the new U.S. president — well-known for his “America first” slogan — to let Namibia be “first” in Africa.

“Wow, how great is that?” the narrator says. “Two first in the world!”

Okay, as you've probably guessed, this video wasn't put out by Namibia's Foreign Ministry. Instead, it was produced by Gondwana Collection Namibia, a company that operates lodges and works on nature preservation in the country.

Instead of being an official message, the video is in fact a response to a video put out last month by “Zondag Met Lubach,” a Dutch news satire show, which attempted to introduce Trump to their “tiny country” in a style he might be used to. For example, when describing the Dutch language: “We've got the best words. All the other languages failed.”

That video asked Trump to put the Netherland's second, after America. Other videos quickly followed suit. Among the list of countries with their own videos introducing themselves to Trump (in no particular order): Switzerland, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, KazakhstanDenmark, Italy, Morocco and probably many more. Some of the videos have been produced by comedy shows, though many appear to have been the work of amateurs.

The video from Namibia appears to be the first request for a country to share “first.” Whether the video will get Namibia on Trump's radar is unclear, however: The president appears to have never mentioned or visited the country, according to news archives and his own Twitter history.

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