SEOUL — South Korea's first female president, Park Geun-hye, became its first to be impeached when the Constitutional Court dismissed her Friday for her role in a wide-reaching corruption scandal.

Park might be legally out of office, but she remained physically there for about 50 hours after her removal. She left the Blue House on Sunday night for her private home.

Television footage from Park's home in southern Seoul showed repairmen and Internet installation workers going back and forth. An aide to the former president told local reporters that Park was shocked by the news and needed time to recover.

She has not commented or released any statement on her impeachment.

Many South Koreans are jubilant that their huge, peaceful protests in recent months contributed to the unpopular president's removal, and they took to the streets in Seoul on Saturday night to celebrate. Many are also calling for the president to be prosecuted — and potentially jailed — for her crimes.

Here are some of the scenes and voices from the rally:

There was also visible support for the impeached president on Saturday night, although the crowds were much smaller. Supporters calling themselves “Parksamo,” or “people who love Park,” held a rally at the other end of the main drag — separated by a large police wall built to keep the factions apart.

This is what two of Park's supporters said: