When a group of New Zealanders armed with water-filled condoms attacked a giant-headed mockery of President Trump on Thursday, whatever the precise message was they meant to convey, the far reaches of the southern hemisphere witnessed what had already become a global tradition.

Donald Trump, the man; Donald Trump, the international effigy. As the former has grown in power, the latter has only become more prolific — with elaborate grotesqueries spotted on at least five continents.

And we're not just talking newspaper-stuffed piñatas. For a president who is often accused of rolling back U.S. influence in the world, Trump has certainly inspired many abroad to great creativity in their efforts to make fun of him.

Take this exhibit from the Las Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain. Built around a Chinese dragon several stories high, it's a mountain of women, men and children from multiple races, playing flutes, serving tea, hands extended in welcome.

Trump's at the bottom in suspenders, building a brick wall around them.

On the last night of the festival, as per tradition, a crowd cheered as the whole thing was set on fire.

Moving on, here's what Trump looked like in Mainz, Germany, for a carnival this year.

In Bangkok, a relatively restrained depiction of the president was hung above a dance floor in March — along with an effigy of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, whom Trump later said he would be “honored” to meet, under the right circumstances.

Trump and Kim Jong Un's images were full of free drink tickets, per the Associated Press, so dancers eventually beat them open.

This is a float from the Carnival of Viareggio in Italy in February. Any attempt to describe it would only diminish it:

These chickens, on the other hand, require explanation.

According to the BBC, Trump-as-chicken first appeared as a huge sculpture outside a shopping mall in Taiyuan last year to mark the approaching Year of the Rooster.

The chicken became very popular, and inflatable versions were soon manufactured for the mass market — yours for as little as $88.

Okay, the Trump rooster isn't technically an effigy. It's cute and might even be considered flattering to the president.

These Palestinian militants' political artwork, however …

Trump's rope-bound effigy was hauled by truck through Gaza City last month, as the real president visited Israel. It didn't end well for the cutout.

So many effigies. Someone should make a museum. Actually, they sort of did. The Museo de la Caricatura in Mexico City opened a special exhibit for Trump-themed artwork last year.

Mexico is, by almost any measure, the champion of foreign Trump mockery, ever since the country that popularized piñatas took notice of the billionaire's anti-immigrant campaign rhetoric.

Mexico was a pioneer of the Trump effigy movement, too — notably blowing up his visage for Easter last year, back when many in the United States still wrote the candidate off.

Speaking of the United States, we don't want to give the impression that Trump's native country has been left behind in the tradition of demeaning him through art.

Americans have mocked their president with elaborate nude statues unveiled guerilla-style in cities across the country. And with carefully crafted masks to rival those in any European city.

And sometimes, as can happen anywhere, with very questionable taste.

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