A woman writes a message on a tree at Plaza de Catalunya in Barcelona a day after a van plowed into a crowd on nearby Las Ramblas, killing 13 and injuring more than 100. (Javier Soriano/AFP)

Thursday's terrorist attack on Barcelona's Las Ramblas was an assault on Spain that echoed around the world.

People from nearly three dozen countries were killed or injured when a driver sped into the busy pedestrian mall, swerving into grandfathers, families and children. Hours later, a second vehicle rampaged through Cambrils, a seaside town about 60 miles south of Barcelona.

So far, at least 14 people are confirmed dead, including one American. More than 100 others are injured, and authorities warn that the death toll could rise.

Not all of the victims have been identified, but here's what we know so far:

Bruno Gulotta

Gulotta and his family spent the past week posting excitedly about their European vacation on social media: first Cannes, then Barcelona.

On Thursday, the Italian brought his wife and two young children to Las Ramblas. He was walking hand in hand with his 5-year-old son when the attacker careened through in a white van. Gulotta's wife, Martina, said she was able to grab her son and drag him to safety. But Gulotta was crushed and died at the scene.

The 35-year-old worked as a marketing and sales manager at Tom's Hardware in Legnano, near Milan. His colleagues spoke warmly of him. “He was an extraordinary and cheerful young man,” co-worker Pino Bruno told RAI, an Italian radio station. “Bruno was a point of reference, a central figure, for all those who knew him,” wrote another colleague on the company's website. “Anyone who contacted him … was impressed by his kindness and professionalism.”

Luca Russo

On Thursday, Russo posted a message on Facebook: “We are born without bringing anything. We die without taking away anything. And in the middle we argue for something.” Hours later, he was dead.

The 25-year-old Italian was on vacation with his girlfriend when he was killed. He lived in Bassano del Grappa, near Venice. Russo studied engineering and volunteered with the Green Cross.  "We were walking together, then the van came up right behind us," Russo's girlfriend told the ANSA news agency. "I fell over and I noticed that Luca wasn't there any more, I didn't see him again, his body was swept away."

His girlfriend remains in the hospital. Two other Italians were also injured in the attack, according to the Italian Foreign Ministry.

Elke Vanbockrijck

Elke Vanbockrijck (Tongeren via AP)

Vanbockrijck, 44, was traveling with her family when she was killed. The Belgian was described as a devoted mother who accompanied her 10- and 14-year-olds to soccer practice nearly every day. “She was not negative. She was always positive,” the president of that team, KFC Heur Tongeren, told the Daily Mail.

Friends say she worked at a bank in Tongeren, near the Dutch border. Vanbockrijck's husband and sons escaped Thursday's attack unhurt.

Francisco Lopez Rodriguez

After the Barcelona attack, Raquel Baron Lopez posted a series of increasingly frantic tweets, begging for information about her uncle Francisco Lopez Rodriguez. Hours later, she confirmed that the 60-year-old had been killed. Rodriguez was from Granada and was traveling with his niece and her 3-year-old son. His wife survived the attack but remains in the hospital.

Spanish authorities have said at least three other Spaniards were killed in the attack: Pepita Codina, 75, from the Spanish town of Sant Hipolit de Voltrega, and a 3-year-old from Rubi. Ana Maria Suarez, 61, was killed in Cambrils hours after the Barcelona attack. Her husband and sister are still in the hospital.

Three Germans were killed in the attack, officials said, though they have not released their names. A 74-year-old Portuguese woman was also killed, according to Portuguese media. The woman, from Lisbon, was traveling with her 20-year-old granddaughter, whose whereabouts are still unknown.

Seven-year-old Julian Alessandro Cadman, born in Britain but living with his family in Australia, is also missing. Relatives say he was in Barcelona with his mother for a wedding. The two were separated during the attack. Cadman's mother is in the hospital in serious condition. His father told reporters that he’d spoken to his son just hours before he went missing and was en route to Barcelona to look for him. Cadman’s grandfather begged for information on Facebook. “Julian is seven years old and was out with Jom when they were separated,” he wrote. “Please share.”

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