As Germany prepares to head to the polls this month, The Washington Post's Rick Noack will give readers in Germany and elsewhere the opportunity to follow personal updates from the ground in Berlin. 

How will the future German government deal with Russia and the Trump administration? Can the country make a success of the influx of refugees it experienced over the last years? What does a generation of Germans who have only ever known Merkel to be in office think about politics?

Over the next three weeks, we want to hear your thoughts, hopes and fears on the crucial vote. Noack will reply to responses directly while broadcasting daily updates and occasional polls.

2017's likely last major election in Europe comes after Emmanuel Macron defeated the far right in France and after British Prime Minister Theresa May suffered losses in an election she had called for herself. In Germany, a fourth term for Chancellor Angela Merkel — who has now been in office for over a decade — appears increasingly likely. Her challenger, Social Democrat Martin Schulz, has so far failed to build on the momentum his party had hoped would secure a win.

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