A CCTV still released by Metropolitan Police of the suspect. (Metropolitan Police/PA)

It was a nasty move that quickly turned horrifying: A male jogger shoved a woman out of his way on a busy sidewalk, pushing her into the street and into the path of a London bus that almost killed her.

She was saved, just barely, by the quick reflexes of the driver, who swerved to avoid a deadly collision. She even tried to confront her attacker 15 minutes later, when he circled back to the spot where he'd shoved her on his run. But he wouldn't stop.

The exchange was captured by a camera on board the bus. And since the May incident, footage has circulated widely on social media and television. Police have pleaded for leads in the case, even making two arrests. (Both men were held briefly, then released.) They describe the assailant as a white man in his 30s, with brown eyes and short brown hair. At the time, he was dressed in a light gray T-shirt, dark blue shorts and gray sneakers.

Despite the attention, the attacker remains at large. Now, police have released a new image of the suspect.

“Images of this alarming incident have been circulated widely and we continue to work through the information received to identify the man responsible,” Detective Sgt. Chris Griffith told the Guardian. “We are grateful to those who have assisted so far. However, I am also appealing for anyone who has given just a name to contact police or Crimestoppers again with as much information as possible so we can fully follow up those lines of inquiry.”

Bus driver Oliver Salbris has also pleaded for people to come forward. The jogger “looked like he was doing it on purpose,” Salbris told the Sunday Times. “He needs to be caught and to explain himself. He needs to be prosecuted.”

CCTV footage shows the moment a man pushed a woman into the road, narrowly missing a bus. (Metropolitan Police)