Monthly Archives: October 2017

Superstitions are odd — and creepy. Tell us yours.

If Poland were to push ahead with its reform proposals, other countries could follow.

Japanese media say Trump will meet with outlandish singer Pikotaro in Tokyo.

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A popular podcaster offers lessons from ancient Roman history that help explain our turbulent present.

The accusations are part of a growing avalanche of sexual harassment claims made against male British politicians by female colleagues.

The transgression happened as the British submarine was docked in the United States to pick up nuclear weapons.

Before she was found dead in Texas, Sherin Mathews was a happy, cheerful child at an orphanage in India, the manager of the orphanage said.

Photographer Andrew Renneisen documents the unrest in Kenya.

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This constitutional clause is just 84 words long, but it packs a punch.

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Spain says it will implement Article 155, which allows the national government to take over a regional government. It's unprecedented.

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