Last month, some of you followed me on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as I reported on the German election. After an overwhelmingly positive response and hundreds of fruitful conversations, we're relaunching our Berlin-based project to focus on all things Europe.

How will Britain negotiate its controversial exit from the E.U.? How will recent elections in Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany shape the European Union? Will Macron and Merkel push forward big reforms to the bloc? In the coming weeks, I want to discuss these questions and more with you, and keep you updated all on the news from Berlin and elsewhere.

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How it works

Using WhatsBroadcast as our service provider, subscribers can select exactly where they want to receive updates. Updates are available on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Subscribers will be given a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to build a story from scratch at The Washington Post. I will also kick-start discussions around European news and hope to highlight some of them in future coverage.

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