President Trump may not be coming to London, but that didn't stop his waxwork figure from turning up outside the new U.S. Embassy in the British capital.

While politicians and Britons reacted strongly to Trump's canceled trip, staff from London's Madame Tussauds museum relocated the effigy in chief for a short while.

Claire Treacy, a spokeswoman for Madame Tussauds in London, said the decision to move the life-size Trump waxwork was made spontaneously within minutes. “Just like the rest of the country, we woke up to the news of Trump having canceled his visit. And we thought: 'Wouldn’t it be fun [to move] our own President Trump there, instead?'”

In-house artists began preparing for the 20-minute trip from northern London, where Madame Tussauds is based, to the site south of the River Thames, where the new U.S. Embassy is located.

The Madame Tussauds wax figure of President Trump stands outside the new U.S. Embassy in London after Trump confirmed he will not travel to Britain to open the new building. (Yui Mok/PA Wire)

The wax president was not met with protests but with a wave of intrigue and enthusiasm.

“We were only at the embassy for about 25 minutes, but there were some immediate reactions. Workers came out to take selfies, and I guess some people checked twice whether this is really just a waxwork,” said Treacy, who emphasized that the waxworks museum did not pursue a political agenda with the Friday initiative.

“We hope that people will take it as it was: just a bit of fun,” said Treacy.

“This was a chance to bring the figure out to people who might not usually be able to visit our museum,” she said.

On Twitter, photos of the waxwork's outing were quickly uploaded and shared.

Armed police -- who are often patrolling crucial embassies and key locations in London -- were alerted by members of the public and subsequently discussed the initiative with the organizers on site. No arrests were made and the organizers were allowed to proceed.

The waxwork figure (which features yak and squirrel hair) was unveiled at the museum last year, days before Trump's inauguration.

Wax Trump is now back at his usual spot in the museum.