It’s not just cold in Tokyo this week, it’s record-breaking cold. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the low dropped to minus-4 degrees Celsius on Jan. 25. That’s just less than 25 degrees Fahrenheit, the coldest temperature recorded in the city in 48 years.

Earlier in the week, the agency issued a warning when the region was hit with its heaviest snowfall since 2014.

Nine inches of snowfall was recorded in some parts of Tokyo causing chaos in the metropolis. NHK, the country's national public broadcaster, reported that the conditions caused more than 600 traffic accidents and affected hundreds of flights.

According to the Japan Times, the freezing weather continues to tax emergency responders as they face the highest number of ambulance calls in 80 years.

Yet, some were undeterred by the cold and snow.

A children’s theater group, Kodomokyojin, posted video of a katana-wielding assassin cutting through his frozen foes. Even snowbound "samurai" need to beat cabin fever.

The low temperature advisory for Tokyo will continue for at least the rest of the week with a slight, 1-degree warm-up on Friday.