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The 5 most ridiculously capitalist souvenirs for sale at Karl Marx’s 200th birthday party

TRIER, Germany — Karl Marx would have turned 200 on Saturday, and his German hometown marked the occasion with a citywide festival that featured speeches, music and the unveiling of a controversial Chinese-funded statue.

It also featured lots and lots of Marx-themed souvenirs.

At Trier Souvenir, the shop around the corner from the newly dedicated statue, entire shelves were dedicated to Marx memorabilia. And items were selling fast, the register beeping at a breakneck clip as tourists snapped up mementos of their visit.

What would the man who called for the violent overthrow of the capitalist system via a revolution of the proletariat have made of his life being remembered through useless tchotchkes? It’s best not to ask.

But herewith, five of our favorites:

Marx champagne

To celebrate that special occasion — perhaps the workers of the world uniting? — there’s Marx-themed bubbly.

The Marx rubber ducky

The bright-orange bill really accentuates Marx’s signature wild mane of hair and beard. You, too, can bathe with your very own (rubber) edition of "Das Kapital."

The Marx piggy bank

Class struggle doesn’t pay like it used to. Stash your savings here.

The Marx mug

Coffee drinkers of the world, unite!

The Marx traffic light

Trier, where the philosopher was raised until 17, really does have a traffic light featuring Marx’s likeness. You can get the traffic-light Marx on a bag.

Luisa Beck contributed to this report.

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