President Trump held a remarkable meeting with a high-ranking North Korean envoy at the White House on Friday, announcing afterward that he plans to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on June 12 to discuss nuclear disarmament and peace between the two countries.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming summit.

Did Kim Jong Un send Trump that big envelope?


Why is it so big??

Who knows?

What's inside?

A letter, presumably. Trump hasn't revealed what it says, but a North Korea expert told the Associated Press it is probably a friendly letter, indicating respect and a willingness to negotiate.

Is the letter also really big?


Is there anything comical about the big envelope?

Yes, we found three funny jokes on Twitter.




Is there anything suspicious about the envelope?


What do analysts think about the envelope's unusual size?

Per the AP: “The huge letter is just part of meticulous steps taken by North Korea to present Kim as a legitimate international statesman who is reasonable and capable of negotiating solutions and making deals, analysts say.”

So basically, they don't know.

What did Trump do after he got the envelope?

He pretended to auction it off to reporters: “How much? How much? How much?” Trump said.

Then he said he hasn't actually read it.

President Trump said that the letter he received from Kim Jong Un was “very nice.” Eight minutes later he said that he hadn’t opened it yet. (The Washington Post)

What other diplomatic milestones have involved oversized envelopes?

According to the AP, Kim Jong Un also sent a big letter to South Korean President Moon Jae-in during the Olympics. However, video analysis suggests this was a just regular-sized letter inside a nice folder.

Now, diplomatic proclamations, like letters of credence for ambassadors, often come in a nice folder, because you don't want to fold those. Was Kim's letter to Trump like that? Who knows?

Will the summit later this month lead to peace between the United States and North Korea?

To be determined.

Are there any other funny pictures of Trump holding unusual objects?


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