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The Israeli leader shared a segment from a 2016 documentary.

What's next -- glitter? (Maybe!)

In announcing the new laws, the country's sultan was quoted as asking for "respect" from international community.

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The plan could be released in 20 years, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joked on Wednesday. If only.

All eyes are on Boris Johnson (and a few others).

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A U.S.-China dispute over the December arrest of a Chinese tech executive has entangled Canada.

  • Amanda Coletta
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The union says they committed treason. They say the decision proves their point.

The Austrian chancellor said that "any connection between the Christchurch attacker and members of the Identitarians in Austria needs to be comprehensively and ruthlessly investigated.”

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With European industry closely intertwined, suddenly everyone was affected by the ban on weapons exports.

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Jair Bolsonaro wants to a celebrate a coup in 1964 that led to two decades of military dictatorship.

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