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Experts wonder if the Kremlin’s military has finally peaked.

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Not everyone can take time off. Others don’t quite know what to do with all that leisure time.

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Strache said his use of the term "population exchange" was merely a reflection of reality.

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Experts say that any terrorist attack should be considered an intelligence failure. But they keep happening.

“The risk is that you increase the value of hostage taking,” said one expert.

More people said in a global annual poll that they felt angry, worried and sad.

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Though Spain's Socialists lead the polls, the general election is shadowed by the rise of the far right and anger over Catalonia.

Officials lowered the death toll by about one-third on Thursday. Forensic experts explain the gruesome reason why.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin says North Korea is ready to denuclearize if it receives serious security guarantees. But can the outside world really guarantee the security of Kim Jong Un's regime?

Sri Lanka doesn't have a law preventing people from joining foreign terrorist organizations. It isn't the only country not to have one.

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