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Military action in defense of South Korea, as well as the continuing presence of U.S. troops in the country, are supported by a majority of Americans.

There are 69,785, to be precise.

Thousands are calling for safer roads, blocking roads and clashing with police.

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A new book delves into a world of would-be countries and questions what it really means to be a nation-state.

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The pluralism that defines so many Asian societies is increasingly being put to the test.

Chiyo Miyako died at age 117 this week.

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Cambodia's U.N.-led democratic experiment is expected to receive a crushing blow Sunday, as the country goes to the polls in an election all but engineered to deliver a win for Hun Sen.

The Philippine leader is known for his off-color and off-the-cuff rhetoric. But in a deeply religious nation, he might have gone too far.

Farming mantras were tested out by the minister's wife on her orchids — before being promoted to farmers through WhatsApp videos.

The team and its coach have been found safe, but the days-long rescue operation isn’t over.

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