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"We avoid responsibility by saying it's not as bad as it is in the U.S."

Solidarity protests have sprung up all across the world.

The judge said there was no evidence to determine what the indigenous woman meant by her words during the attack.

Marvel comics is about to put Justin Trudeau on its cover, a highly unusual move in a country that doesn't always prize heroics.

The U.S. may have lessons for the E.U., but not the ones you might expect.

The presumptive Republican nominee is set to travel there later this week, and will likely see the flag flying near his golf course when he arrives.

The bill was proposed by a lawmaker with a terminal illness, and the chances of passing it in the Senate before his death are uncertain.

The crazily bad timing of Canadian gun enthusiasts, who have been trying to get the government to loosen restrictions on the AR-15.

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LGBT Muslims are coping with loss and Islamophobia after Orlando shooting.

Homa Hoodfar has been detained in Evin Prison without charges since Monday.

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