A new collection of Nelson Mandela's prison letters show how he tried to stay connected to the outside world during his imprisonment.

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It's an interesting idea — but it has its own severe limitations.

Fredie Blom was born in 1904 in the Eastern Cape province in South Africa.

"They need help from a civilized country like ours,” said Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

A Canadian state bank helped South African tycoons buy an expensive Bombardier business jet. Now it's gone missing.

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Zuma had been accused of corruption and rape. Why couldn't voters keep him out of office?

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Zuma's successor faces a tough task after the disgraced president's resignation.

Across Africa, the Caribbean and Central America, there was outrage over Trump’s dismissal of their nations.

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Expectations are high for one of South Africa's wealthiest business executives.

Jacques Pauw’s exposé about Zuma’s rule could lift the “corruption fatigue” shrouding the nation’s politics.

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