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The president-elect may be forging relationships with ultranationalists, populist factions overseas.

Hollande urges Americans to vote for 'their principles.'

France has one of the most tolerant, though also largely indifferent, attitudes to diversity in Europe.

At least 12 local Muslim families have lost loved ones in the attack.

Intelligence analysts say, however, that a new, streamlined agency would not necessarily eliminate existing agencies or simplify the task of safeguarding the country.

Traffickers are exploiting child refugees who are stranded alone in France .

A great flood engulfed the French capital in 1910.

An Egyptian airliner carrying 66 people from Paris to Cairo disappeared from radar screens over the Mediterranean Sea early Thursday morning. Here's what we know now.

"France got 99 problems -- But hijab ain't one," one poster held up by French students read.

Hackers from the Palestinian militant group Hamas broke into a broadcast of the Israeli version of Big Brother on Friday night.

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