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Inas Nofal is Gaza's only professional female runner but she keeps on moving despite the odds.

Scenes from around the world.

Photos said to show an Islamic State affiliate's attack on an Egyptian vessel.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a battle of narratives, and one key front is the debate over Israel's relationship to Gaza.

Basel Ghattas, an Arab, says everyone, "including Israelis," should be worried about Israel's blockade of the Palestinian territory.

The clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in Gaza are at their worst since the violence that erupted in 2012.

A few dozen young Palestinians get close to the fence at Gaza border, and Israeli soldiers fire shots to warn them.

The man who was killed was accused of being an Israeli collaborator and spy.

National Geographic magazine goes six stories down into the smuggling tunnels of Gaza.

The Israeli PM seems to have deleted a tweet thanking President Obama for his support.

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  • Nov 15, 2012
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