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The Iraqi prime minister's visit to Washington raises more questions than answers.

Rows of concrete barricades, earthen berms and rubble block key routes leading to the core of the city as shooting lanes are set up.

A breakdown of Trump's foreign policy obliviousness.

More than 300 people were killed in one attack in July. Now the Karrada area of the capital is mourning once more.

Figures include not only acts committed by the core Islamic State but also precursor groups, as well as affiliates and individuals inspired by the group who came after.

The video shows Cantlie in front of the remains of Mosul University, which the U.S.-led coalition bombed in March on intelligence that it was Islamic State headquarters.

The Chilcot report and the U.S.'s own struggles over the legacy of the Iraq war.

Some in Iraq say the country was more secure under Saddam Hussein.

Here are the main findings of the highly critical report on the Blair government's decision to go to war alongside its U.S. ally.

The wand-like devices are still widely in use at security checkpoints around the country even years after the British con man who sold them was arrested for fraud.

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