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The Washington Post

The volatile Philippine leader looks to make a good impression in China.

More than 3,300 people have been shot dead since Duterte swept to power vowing to "kill all" the country's criminals.

The comment comes in the context of the fiery Filipino leader announcing his desire for closer ties with Russia and China.

Since Duterte swept to power in July, more than 3,300 Filipinos have been killed, either gunned down by police in late-night drug operations or felled by assassins, often after being named by police.

The Philippine president reached into his quiver of curses and found new arrows and a new target.

Duterte's swear words obscure the very real toll of the new war on drug dealers — and the severity of the Chinese threat.

The South China Sea ruling has spurned a backlash against American consumer products.

They vociferously criticized the arbitration court's ruling but did not provide any details.

Beijing casts the case before the Permanent Court of Arbitration as a foreign "plot" to weaken and humiliate China.

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