NIE Weekly News Quiz for the Week of Sunday, February 15, 2015

Test your knowledge of this week's news from The Washington Post!


"NBC Nightly News" Anchor Brian Williams, left, with his predecessor Tom Brokaw. Photo Credit: RICHARD DREW/ASSOCIATED PRESS

According to a front page story on Sunday, interviews with more than two dozen of “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams' current and former colleagues reveal a man who took such delight in spinning yarns that he could sometimes lose sight of where the truth began and where it ended. Williams — who received a six-month suspension for lying about riding in a military helicopter that was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade during this war — wanted to both report and entertain. What conflict was Williams covering?

Afghanistan War
Syrian Civil War
Iraq War
South Sudanese Civil War


Internally displaced children attend one of 14 schools in a camp near Peshawar, a city in this South Asian country. Photo Credit: MAX BECHERER/POLARIS FOR THE WASHINGTON POST

According to an article in Sunday's World News section, two years after more-secular textbooks arrived in this South Asian country’s northwest, a conservative political party wants changes that align with its interpretation of Islam. What is the country?



Eugene Jacques Bullard was the first African American military pilot and flew for this country during World War I. Photo Credit: U.S. AIR FORCE

Michael Ruane's article in Sunday's Metro section highlighted the service of several volunteers who fought and died while serving for this European country in the years before the United States formally entered World War I in 1917. What was the country these men served?

Great Britain


An aerial view of the wetlands and tundra typical of the Bristol Bay watershed in this U.S. state, where mining interests want to extract gold. Photo Credit: ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY

As early as this spring, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to invoke a rarely used legal authority to bar a Canadian company, Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd., from beginning work on its proposed Pebble Mine, citing risks to salmon and to this state’s pristine Bristol Bay, 150 miles downstream. The EPA’s position is supported by a broad coalition of conservationists, fishermen and tribal groups — and, most opinion polls show, by a majority of citizens of the state.



Jim Penrose, formerly with the NSA, stands next to a monitor that he used to give a demonstration of the Darktrace software. Photo Credit: MICHAEL S. WILLIAMSON/THE WASHINGTON POST

Monday's On I.T. section featured an article profiling a security company from the U.K. called Darktrace that is set to open its U.S. headquarters in the Washington region this month. Darktrace is teaming up with the National Security Agency and has developed software to help protect from these types of attacks.

Nuclear Weapons
Chemical Weapons
Biological Attacks


Houthi fighters in Sanaa, the capital of this Middle Eastern nation. Photo Credit: KHALED ABDULLAH/REUTERS

According to a front page story on Tuesday, the Shiite insurgents who have toppled this nation's government are threatening to take over a key oil-producing province to the east of the capital, triggering fears that the country could explode in all-out civil war. 



Walnuts, blueberries and broccoli have all been touted by some TV doctors and websites as being "super foods" that might help prevent cancer. Photo Credit: MARILYN BARBONE/ISTOCK PHOTO

According to an article in Tuesday's Health and Science section, instead of focusing on single foods and nutrients to prevent cancer, people are better off focusing on this.

General dietary advice
Weight control
All of the above


Snoball warriors in D.C. on Tuesday. Photo Credit: ASTRID RIECKEN FOR THE WASHINGTON POST

Local reaction to a snow storm on Monday night that delivered two to six inches of snow to the D.C. area, shuttered schools, stuttered Metro, halted bus service and brought the federal government to its knees prompted mocking from some people from this other East Coast city which has received a total of seven feet of snow so far this winter.

New York City


Phillipa Soo and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Eliza and Alexander Hamilton in the hit show at New York's Public Theater. Photo Credit: JOAN MARCUS

In a Wednesday review in Style, theater critic Peter Marks writes that in the musical "Hamilton"--which had its official opening Tuesday night at off-Broadway’s Public Theater-- actor-songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda "has transformed the biography of one of America’s Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton, into a merry, extravagantly annotated hip-hop operetta." Alexander Hamilton was the first man to hold what cabinet position in the administration of President George Washington?

Attorney General
Secretary of State
Secretary of Treasury
Secretary of War


The president and first lady greet Jackie Robinson West Little League players at The White House. Photo Credit: PABLO MARTINEZ MONSIVAIS/ASSOCIATED PRESS

In his Thursday KidsPost column, Fred Bowen explained why Little League International, the organization that runs Little League baseball and softball, last week took away the 2014 United States baseball championship from the Jackie Robinson West team. What did the team's coaches do that caused the team to have the title taken from them?

Placed bets on the team
Used corked bats
Bribed the opposing team's coaches
Recruited players from outside their team’s boundaries.