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Ahmad Abughaush wins Jordan’s first Olympic medal, a gold in taekwondo
Ahmad Abughaush of Jordan celebrates defeating Alexey Denisenko. (Tatyana Zenkovich/EPA)

The nation of Jordan has been competing in the Summer Games since 1980, but until Thursday, it had never earned an official medal. Ahmad Abughaush not only got that unprecedented hardware, he made it a gold one by triumphing in the men’s 68kg taekwondo event.

Abughaush defeated Russia’s Alexey Denisenko in what was a taut affair through the first two rounds, with the Jordanian holding a 1-0 lead. The match broke open in the third, and Abughaush got the best of it, eventually winning by a score of 10-6.

Two Jordanian athletes won bronze medals in taekwondo at the 1988 Games, but it was a demonstration sport at that point. Taewkondo became an official Olympic sport in 2000.

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