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Closing Ceremonies begin with fireworks, national pride
A bright start. (Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images)

Some stormy weather in Rio Sunday was not going to deter Olympics organizers from staging their Closing Ceremonies. The elaborate ceremony got off to an eye-catching start with fireworks set off from the roof of Maracaña Stadium.

Before the parade of nations and their athletes began — and with the worst of the weather seemingly over, just in time — the host nation engaged in a display of national pride. There was a tribute to Alberto Santos Dumont, a Brazilian pioneer in aviation who was also instrumental in the development of the wristwatch, followed by gaily colored dancers who formed the shapes of Christ the Redeemer, Rio’s Sugarloaf mountain and the Games’ official logo.

The crowd was treated to a performance by samba legend Martinho da Vila, and children emerged to sing the national anthem and form the stars in the Brazilian flag. Singer Roberta Sá offered a homage to Portuguese-Brazilian icon Carmen Miranda before athletes began pouring out to an infectious rhythm.

Rio Olympic Games 2016 Live Updates

The 2016 Olympic Games run from Aug. 5 through Aug. 21 in Rio de Janeiro. Throughout, we will be chronicling the latest news and more from our reporters in Rio and Washington.