(Whitney Shefte/The Washington Post)
(Whitney Shefte/The Washington Post)
Guest Opinion

I made a serious mistake as Maryland governor. We need parole reform.

My statement that “life means life” for inmates was completely wrong.
  • 6 hours ago

Say it ain’t so, Joe

Will President Biden give Mohammed bin Salman a 'one free murder' pass?
  • 8 hours ago

Out here, red or blue politics doesn’t matter as much as how you treat your animals

Amid the pandemic, newcomers are heading to southwestern Colorado. Here's what they can expect.
  • Oct 28

CPAC’s speakers exult in conservative victimhood

CPAC has fallen a long way from the days when actual policy ideas were discussed there.

Bernie Sanders wants you to know the high cost of our low minimum wage

We're subsidizing corporations while working citizens struggle.

With voting rights already under attack, the Supreme Court could deal another big blow

A looming case may reveal the strength, or weakness, of defenses against discrimination.

How a generation of 1930s rocketeers led us to unlock the secrets of Mars

Perseverance is more than a catchy name for a rover; it’s a one-word summation of the JPL culture.

An oral history of the Potato Head secession

"I just want to live in a country where potatoes are men, as God intended."

Biden actually has a strategy for the Middle East, not just a Twitter account

In dealing with Iran and Saudi Arabia, Biden shows he is just as tough as Trump — but far smarter.
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The Equality Act can become law — if Democrats will add religious exemptions

LGBTQ advocates have a historic shot at federal rights protections.
  • 4 days ago

Why Senate Republicans fear Deb Haaland

The interior secretary nominee would bring experiences and perspectives that have never found representation in the leadership of the executive branch.
  • 4 days ago

How a San Francisco bookstore owner made America freer, braver and more interesting

Through his City Lights bookstore and publishing imprint, Lawrence Ferlinghetti changed the country. Here's what we can learn from him.
  • 4 days ago

Let’s have ‘immunity nights’ to keep American businesses alive

Allow restaurants to operate at capacity with people who can prove immunity to covid-19.
  • 4 days ago

Beijing’s SARS lockdown taught my children resilience. Your covid kids will likely be fine.

Fear was ever-present. Schools, movie houses, restaurants and stores closed. Vacations were canceled. Everyone wore masks.
  • 4 days ago

Tiger Woods won’t let go of being Tiger — because we won’t let him

A golf comeback shouldn't be the most important part of his life.
  • 4 days ago
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Too many Republicans can’t be trusted to sit on a Jan. 6 commission

It would be better to have no commission than to offer another forum for Republicans to cover for Trump.

A smart use for $50 billion of covid relief funds: Broadband

Senate Democrats propose earmarking some state and local aid for Internet access.

Mohammed bin Salman is guilty of murder. Biden should not give him a pass.

If the crown prince's criminal apparatus is not dismantled, there will be more victims like Jamal Khashoggi.
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Montgomery should minimize the spread of the coronavirus before it reopens schools

The smartest thing we can do right now is to talk to teachers and value their expertise in these conversations.
  • 6 days ago

Maryland should end the sale of flavored tobacco

If we are serious about addressing systemic racial inequalities in our state, we must remove all flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes, from the market.
  • 6 days ago

Local control over tobacco regulation can save lives in Black communities in Maryland

Educating communities about tobacco can rewrite the narrative of our communities and create solutions.
  • 6 days ago

The Reproductive Health Equity Act is the next step for Virginians

We need legislation that requires reproductive health care be covered like all health care, not singled-out and stigmatized.
  • Feb 22
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(Kate Woodsome, Danielle Kunitz, Joy Sharon Yi/The Washington Post)
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