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(Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images)
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In Gaza, we dread the darkness and wait for the next strike to land

We gather together, support each other and tell ourselves that we will survive the night.
  • 8 hours ago

The CDC shouldn’t have removed restrictions without requiring proof of vaccination

The vaccinated may be well-protected, but let’s not forget our obligation to those who do not yet have immunity.

Are unemployment benefits keeping people from working? We will soon have an answer.

Republican states are setting up a natural experiment. And much rides on the result.

Don’t freak out about inflation yet

So far, it looks like prices are rising because of temporary shocks and supply-chain issues.

DeWine’s $1 million vaccine lottery shows he’s willing to gamble

It's a carrot and stick, driven by a political gamble.

The U.S. has a moral duty to expand vaccine production to help the world’s vulnerable

It's time to think creatively about addressing a global humanitarian crisis.

Only the least tasty employees work from home!

Do come back! You must come back!

Tom Cotton wants to tax university endowments to pay for apprenticeships. It’s a political master class.

The senator's proposal is great example of the type of policy needed to cement the GOP as a working-class party.

The cancel-culture Republicans just canceled Liz Cheney

Among the many things Republicans have lost as they cravenly embrace Trump’s "big lie" is a sense of irony.
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Indoor dining must return. Just not the way we knew it.

We must stay safe to stay open.
  • 1 day ago

Abolish the tax code’s single-parent penalty

If our tax code is going to help families, all families at the same income level should get the same amount of help.
  • 1 day ago

The GOP has lost its way. Fellow Americans, join our new alliance.

If we cannot save the Republican Party from itself, we will help save America from extremist elements in the Republican Party.
  • 1 day ago

Mitt Romney: We can’t look away from China’s existential threat

Warning signs are also flashing on climate and deficit spending. Will Americans pay attention?
  • 1 day ago

As pediatricians, we say please don’t use precious coronavirus vaccines on healthy children

Millions of adults around the world desperately need immunization. Kids ages 2 to 11 shouldn't be a priority.
  • 2 days ago

The Colonial Pipeline attack shows the need for a more modern approach to cybersecurity

The attack — and the panic buying at some gas pumps it has induced — demonstrates the fragility of the United States’ infrastructure.
  • 2 days ago
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No, the economic recovery is not a bust — yet

There’s no reason to panic, but Mr. Biden and the Fed must guard against supply-side limits to much-needed growth.

The Justice Department needs to explain why it seized Post reporters’ phone records

The incident strikes at the very heart of the ability of journalists to gather and report the news.

Virginia Republicans just gave themselves a chance to win back the governorship

Glenn Youngkin, an agile outsider, walks a line between Trumpists and traditionalists.

New Israeli-Palestinian fighting serves political agendas on both sides

Before there can be an Israeli-Palestinian breakthrough, the two peoples must undertake a political renovation.
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Area farmers markets have been my life. They are where I belong.

Many customers feel a real connection with the vendors. We do, too.
  • May 7

Rock Creek may look inviting, but don’t go in the water

Sewage leaks remain a concern. But a federal relief program may be in the works.
  • May 7

Reopening should not leave youths and families of color even further behind

Community-based organizations must be at the table to advocate and provide for the needs of underserved communities.
  • May 7

Virginia makes saving for the future easier

A bill passed in the last session provides a new way to invest for retirement.
  • May 7
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(Ray Whitehouse, Emefa Addo Agawu, Kate Woodsome/The Washington Post)
Reimagine Safety | Crime doesn't have to shape low-income neighborhoods. Fixing blight will help.
Reimagine Safety | Crime doesn't have to shape low-income neighborhoods. Fixing blight will help.
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Reimagine Safety | Police are facing a crisis of legitimacy. This is what is needed to resolve it.
Play Video 3:34
Reimagine Safety | Mental illness is not a crime. Police should not respond like it is.
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Reimagine Safety | Police do not stop cycles of violence. Communities do.
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