Rush Limbaugh should have thought before he spoke out against Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke.

Ms. Fluke had nothing to lose, and, as it turned out, Mr. Limbaugh had lots to lose. Ms. Fluke spoke about an issue for which she obviously has passion and understanding. Mr. Limbaugh apparently has neither an interest in nor an understanding of women’s health or female contraception. When he decided to talk about Ms. Fluke, he shot himself in the foot and lost big sponsors along the way.

In addition, Ms. Fluke testified on principle, and Mr. Limbaugh made it personal. She spoke about the importance of free contraception and the consequences of the lack of such a policy. He mistakenly responded with an attack on her, rather than the issue.

One of the first skills every law student is taught is to identify the issue of a case or situation. Mr. Limbaugh did not go to law school. Rookie mistake, Rush.

Avery M. Blank, Baltimore