The Post’s position on nuclear power reflects a pragmatic approach to energy that is seldom heard but needs to be supported. Germany’s instant political rejection of nuclear power in its future after the Fukushima accident will cost it in pollution from coal-burning plants, and in the electricity it will need to buy from France’s nuclear fleet.

Japan’s response to reconsider nuclear power is more understandable, but time will bring perspective, and the Japanese will continue their nuclear power program to fulfill their energy needs.

Nuclear power in the United States remains safe, and we are enhancing the protections against Fukushima-type extreme natural events even though we do not face the same level of threats as does Japan. And most important, the first new generation of reactors since the 1980s are now being built in Georgia and South Carolina. These are designed to provide long-term reactor cooling by natural processes, for days, even if no electricity is available.

Michael Corradini, Madison, Wis.