Regarding ombudsman Patrick Pexton’s July 9 blog post, “Was climate-change poll biased?

Mr. Pexton reported that Jon Krosnick resigned from our board when presented with the claim of a reader that we are an advocacy organization. We regret that Mr. Krosnick felt the need to resign, but we are not an advocacy organization. What we are is a science and journalism organization that is nonpartisan and thoroughly independent, and we have deep roots in the climate-science community. We do not lobby, and we take no position on legislation or any specific policy regarding solutions to climate change.

Our mission does include inspiring the public and decision-makers to take action, as we believe it is the obligation of anyone who understands the seriousness of the scientific facts of climate change to inspire action to address a problem of such extreme importance to the future of humanity and the world. But we take no detailed policy positions on what that action should be. This position is entirely in keeping with non-advocacy, scientific tradition.

In his blog, Mr Pexton asserted, “Everything on the Climate Central site points to it being an advocacy group.” That is a judgment, and we strongly disagree with it. If one were to say we speak for the reality and impact of climate change as science supports it, that is indeed what we do, just as the National Academy of Sciences speaks for the scientific facts of global warming.

Our organization has no goal of protection of special interests that characterize advocacy groups. Instead, our goal is the communication of climate science and its consequences, and it is strictly in the public interest.

Paul A. Hanle, Princeton, N.J.

The writer is president and chief executive of Climate Central.