Though I don’t often agree with George F. Will, I’ve got to admit he nailed it with his reference to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers singing the Jerome Kern-Dorothy Fields standard “Pick Yourself Up” when he discussed the state of the Republican Party [“Still the party of principles,” op-ed, Nov. 11].

Astaire and Rogers performed that song in “Swing Time” in 1936. In elegant evening wear, they danced and romanced their way through the worst of the Depression, providing enormous entertainment to a beleaguered nation. (Kind of like the service Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh provide today.) Meanwhile, Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt was in the White House trying to solve the nation’s serious problems.

From the time “Swing Time” premiered, it took a mere 16 years for the Republicans to reclaim the presidency. With rigid conservatives such as Mr. Will providing advice, we might see history repeat itself.

Jonathan Eig, Potomac