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Opinion Sunday wrap: The plot thickens

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Who said it?

1. “Whether the president will ever face criminal charges … is an open question.”

2. “I think you are beyond the stage that led to the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton, whether or not you think that that was worthy of impeachment.”

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3. “My takeaway is there’s a very real prospect that on the day Donald Trump leaves office, the Justice Department may indict him. That he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time.”

4. “I don’t believe that any pardons should be used with relation to these particular cases. Frankly, not only does it not pass the smell test, I just — I think it undermines the reason why we have presidential pardons in the first place.”

5. “You’re not totally cleared — nor is anyone until Bob Mueller shuts down his office and hands in the keys.”

Answers are: 1. Here, 2. here, 3. here, 4. here and 5. here.